About 43 percent of all deaths among children under the age of 5 occur in Africa. This high percentage is primarily due to limited provision of food, health, and support.

The Love+1 Rescue Center is a facility that houses children who are in desperate need of medical attention and care. This program functions through a process that generally occurs in 4 phases:

  1. Assessment

    • Cases are typically reported to our Love+1 Staff by government officials or our village liaisons.

    • Each case is assessed and assigned a level of severity based on the child’s symptoms, overall health, and available resources (most children who go through this program would likely die without immediate attention and treatment).

  2. Rehabilitation

    • Children are taken to the hospital for further assessment/treatment. Once the doctors attend to their urgent needs and discharge them, they go to the Love+One Rescue Center for extended rehabilitation.

    • Here, the children not only receive a balanced diet based on individualized nutrition plans, but we also teach them about Jesus. In the meantime, while the child heals, we teach the families about the nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, etc. that their specific child needs.

  3. Resettlement

    • Many of the children at the Rescue Center come from abusive households or simply don’t have family to resettle with, so each case looks different. Once the child heals, his immunity is strengthened, AND his family has completed training, our staff assesses and comes up with a resettlement plan.

    • Some children come from healthy homes, but their parents lack the funds and resources to care for them. For these cases, the Love+1 Staff will look at the parents’ skill sets and help them find jobs so they can provide for their family.

    • Children who were abandoned or cannot go back to their home have a different resettlement process and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to find adoptive families in the community that love the Lord and have a heart to care for these vulnerable children.

  4. Follow-Up

    • Our Love+One staff follows up with each resettlement 2x every week. They visit each child’s home and community to monitor the child’s health, observe family dynamics, and see how both the children and families are adjusting.