In 2007, Mike and Suzanne Mayernick flew to Uganda to bring their little girl, JosieLove, home from Uganda. When they arrived, the 15-pound shell of a 3 1/2-year-old who they came to adopt was raging with a 105 degree fever and at a routine medical exam, they found out that that she had malaria, tuberculosis, and was HIV positive. 

After just a few months at home receiving the love, attention, and the medical care she needed, this once dying little girl blossomed into a healthy, thriving child. Watching JosieLove's transformation sparked a fire inside of Suzanne and she knew that she was called to help more children like her she started Love+One. 

Love+One International got its name from JosieLove and the plus sign represents the mission to support the HIV positive population. 


Suzanne and Josie at the orphanage in 2006


JosieLove in 2007 when Mike and Suzanne traveled to bring her home


JosieLove reunited with her caretakers on a 2018 trip to Uganda


Suzanne, Josie and Mama Josephine, who Josie was named after