In October of 2017, the Kitwetwe Primary School had less than 100 students attending regularly. These children would come to school hungry and go home hungry because the school couldn't afford to feed them during the day...hunger was affecting the students' attention spans, ability to learn, and overall energy, so Love+One created a feeding program. Within one month of serving food at the school, the attendance was up to 490 students!

What started as "just a feeding program" quickly turned into a powerful opportunity to invest in the lives of the Kitwetwe children on a much deeper level. This year, we were able to start a soccer program and a music education program, and our Love+One staff hosts regular Bible studies and mentors the students at the school. It has been amazing to see the impact of these initiatives and the consequential growth of Kitwetwe's sense of community.


The music education program teaches about the history of music and dance around the world. Students learn a variety of traditional dances and love performing both competitively and for visitors.


There are 9 soccer teams in the soccer program. Coach Jude teaches these children not only about the game, but also about Jesus' love for each and every one of them.

Students are excelling both in and out of the classroom! Since the start of the feeding program, classroom dynamics and test scores have increased drastically because the children are now full and energized.