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Are you accepting interns?
At this time we do not have any openings for internships. If and when we have internship opportunities in the future, they will be listed here and sent in our monthly newsletter!
Do you have any employment opportunities?

Love One is made up of team members in both America and Uganda, but our goal is for growth to happen primarily in Uganda. Our team in the US is smaller, consisting of our founder, our Board of Directors and Three full-time employees. We have over 75 full time employees. Our heart and ultimate goal is to empower and provide job opportunities for locals in the communities we serve. 

This being said, at the moment we do not have any job opportunities. As our ministry continues to grow this is subject to change, but we do not know when or if it will. In the future, we will post all job opportunities on our website, social media sites, and monthly newsletters.

Can I apply to be a Love One Ambassador?

Applications to be a 2022 ambassador are closed. This year, we grew our program to 300 ambassadors from all over the US, along with ambassadors from Canada and Ireland! To stay updated on 2023 applications, you can fill our our interest form here, follow/like us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I go on a trip with Love One?

We are planning a few “Love One x OneWorld” medical trips through our partner hospital, OneWorld Health. While these are medical trips, there will be limited spots for non-medical professionals to assist with administrative/general tasks.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these trips, please fill out the form here and we will contact you once we have more information.

Can I donate physical items (i.e. toddler clothing, toys, etc.)?

Due to the intense process of international shipping and moving items through customs, we are not accepting physical donations. If you would like to give monetarily, please click here.

Does Love One have an orphanage?

Love One does not have an orphanage. Our ministry provides children with emergency access to life-saving healthcare at local hospital & subsequent rehabilitative care and services at the Love One Center. The goal is ALWAYS to resettle children with their families once they are healthy.

Can I adopt from Uganda through Love One?

No, Love One International does not facilitate adoptions.

How can I get involved with Love One?

You can get involved by: 

  1. Pray We always need prayer! Please pray for our team on the ground in Uganda, the children and families we serve and for the future of Love One!

  2. Shop Purchase Love One gear from our online store. 100% of proceeds go directly to the children we serve.

  3. Monetary Donations  click here to give. Every dollar goes towards helping us meet our mission which is to ensure that critically ill children in Uganda receive life-saving medical treatment and rehabilitative services.

  4. Plan your own fundraiser! Use your specific gifts and come up with a creative way to raise money, and make sure to email or message us to tell us about it! Some ways others have done this are by donating their birthdays, using social media platforms, coin collection at an elementary school, and lemonade stands. We love watching people be creative and use their talents, circle of friends, and creative ideas to make a huge difference.
How can my company partner with Love One?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Love One International in some way. We work hard to keep our focus on the children and families we serve in Uganda and always appreciate it when individuals and organizations can help us do that directly or through vitally important funding. 

We have learned that accurate expectations are the key to good partnerships.  To understand your thoughts regarding a partnership, please take a few minutes to share your ideas with us through this form and if we believe we are a good fit we will respond as soon as possible!